Wind Power

BP and Wind Energy

BP is the principal owner and operator of wind power facilities with interests in 16 wind farms across the US. BP has a gross generating capacity of some 2,600 MW – enough electricity to power over 775,000 average American homes.

Why wind power?

Wind power is safe, clean and increasingly affordable – with the potential for production on a much larger scale.

Government support is crucial in ensuring the expansion of wind power. We believe such support should be transitional and limited. In the US, there is continuing uncertainty over the renewal of the production tax credit, which provides incentives to invest in wind energy. We are working with other wind energy suppliers to make an effective case for wind energy generation and the renewal of the production tax credit.

Wind farms can provide large volumes of electricity (sometimes at a lower cost than conventional power generation).

Wind energy and the environment

While wind farms can be an attractive alternative energy offering, they can also stir debate. During the planning stage for each wind farm, therefore, we assessed the potential social and environmental impacts.
  • The impact on wildlife and habitat
  • The impact of wind farms on local residents
  • Noise from wind turbines
  • Shadow flicker
  • Interference with communications signals
We then took steps to manage any negative impacts through engineering design changes, technology and other elements.

Getting wind-generated electricity to high-population areas

Wind farms are often sited in remote locations, well away from population centres.