Tips from Grant Readers

Never written a grant before? Looking for some guidance on where to begin? Well look no further. Our A+ for Energy Grant Readers have provided their top tips for writing a proposal that stands out among the crowd.

Focus on student learning about energy

  • Tie your project to the provincial curriculum and make reference to learning outcomes identified in the curriculum.
  • Include a project evaluation and procedures for student/project assessment.
  • Identify methods for capturing student learning achievement.

Be creative

  • Show how your project is unique and will be exciting for students. Remember, proposals can be submitted for any grade and any subject.
  • Look for cross-grade, cross-curricular and community involvement opportunities.
  • Use a variety of activities that allow students to share their knowledge and develop leadership skills.

Have a plan

  • Think about your students and clearly map out how best to engage them in the project.
  • Include measureable outcomes.

Budget well

  • Provide a detailed budget aligned with activities in your proposal. Be specific, using actual and estimated costs where possible.
  • Keep in mind that the judges grade your budget, so be thoughtful and specific using actual and estimated costs where possible.
  • If you do not require the full $10,000, only apply for what you need to successfully run your project.