Winning Application Examples

Learn by example and check out some past winning applications.

Each document below contains helpful notes from our grant readers and the A+ team that explain why the application is a winner and outlines tips for ways it could be even stronger.

Elementary School: The Garden of Possibility

Project Summary: Preschool to grade six students will explore the importance of energy conservation through gardening, with the introduction and usage of environmentally aware and appropriate methods such as permaculture.

Junior/Senior High School: A Student Run TEDx Youth Conference

Project Summary: In conjunction with the school’s second annual TEDx Conference, students will investigate stories of energy through scientific and human perspectives in their core academic classes.

Senior High School: Beyond Photosynthesis: Using Captured Solar Energy to Heat a Greenhouse

Project Summary: Students will learn firsthand about alternative (renewable) energy sources by constructing a heating system for the school greenhouse that utilizes two different transformations of solar energy.