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The low oil price creates new opportunities and challenges for energy innovation. In this environment, BP’s technology is focused on applying our ready-to-go technologies everywhere they are needed helping our businesses to be safer, smarter and faster

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PTA is the key component in the creation of polyester plastic used in a number of products including clothes, home furnishings and drinks bottles.

Petrochemical technology

Latest technologies to maximise efficiency, increase production levels, while driving down emissions

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LoSal® EOR

Coaxing out the oil

Applying low-cost, step-change, widely applicable enhanced oil recovery technologies

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Real time data and decisions

Digital thinking

Technologies that can help lower costs, reduce capital expenditure and improve operational efficiency

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We invest in technologies that we expect will make the most difference to our business and the energy industry.

Why does BP invest in technology?

This animated film explains why BP invests in innovation and the results of our work - from supercomputers to the latest advanced engine oils

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David Eyton, BP's group head of technology

Technology in a cost conscious world

David Eyton, BP's group head of technology, shared his views at CERAWeek

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Seismic trucks

Unconventional opportunity

Applying BP's technology and expertise to develop one of the Middle East's largest tight gas resources

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