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Why energy is a hi-tech business

New ways of finding, producing and consuming energy are vital if the world’s unrelenting demand for fuel and power is to be met. This animated film explains how BP invests in innovation, from the supercomputers used to help pinpoint resources to the latest advanced engine oils

We invest in technologies that we expect will make the most difference to our business. From enhancing the safety and reliability of our operations to creating competitive advantage in energy discovery, recovery and efficiency. Whether that’s through incremental improvements or groundbreaking new technology that can transform the industry.
BP upstream technology flagships animation

Upstream technologies animation

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Castrol's lubricants are used to keep the Curiosity rover moving as it explores the planet Mars surface

Technology timeline

BP technology through the years in pictures

Technology programmes

Technology programmes

We focus on technology that enhances safety, improves exploration and production and boosts conversion processes

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Super computing

More discovery

Discover BP's advanced seismic imaging technologies

ICAM - New tools, new insights

More recovery

BP's advanced technology for recovering more oil and gas

12 Pipestill at BP's Whiting refinery, Chicago, USA

More efficiency

Improving energy efficiency in our operations and products

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Land seismic imaging

BP's Whiting refinery, Chicago, USA.

Petrochemicals provide the vital raw materials for many of the things we take for granted in life