BP in Azerbaijan

We aspire to be a valued, trusted and long-term partner in the development of Azerbaijan’s hydrocarbon resources
Deepwater Gunashli platform

What we do

We opened our office in Baku back in 1992. Two years later BP and the consortium of international oil companies signed a major contract with the government of Azerbaijan. Today, offshore Caspian has become one of the world’s leading hydrocarbon provinces.

The development of the region’s offshore oil and gas fields and onshore pipelines made Azerbaijan a focal point of the global energy market and a gateway through which international investments reach the Caspian region and beyond.

This development has stimulated social and economic progress in the region. Its success is measured to a large extent by the degree to which their benefits are shared with the people of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey and the region as a whole.

How we do it

We seek to improve performance on a continuous basis by focusing on the achievement of safe, reliable and compliant operations and by putting safety and operational risk management at the heart of our activities.

We strive to make our socio-economic impact a positive one by running our operations responsibly and by investing in communities in ways that benefit both local population and BP.

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BP office in Azerbaijan

  • BP Xazar Centre
  • 153 Neftchilar avenue
    Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Tel: +994 12 599 3000
    Fax: +994 12 599 3665