BP in Taiwan

BP celebrates its 36th year in Taiwan
An operator turns a wheel while working on process at the purified terephthalic acid (PTA) production capacity at the BP Zhuhai Chemical Company in Guangdong Province, China. CAPCO has six production plants with a total capacity of 2.1 million tonnes a year

What we do

BP made its first investment in Taiwan in 1976 with the formation of a joint venture company named CAPCO to produce 120,000 tons of product for the growing demands of a downstream textile market.

BP Taiwan opened its own office in 1989 to begin the marketing of lube oils for the consumer market and to engage in the marketing of other petrochemical products. Currently BP markets lubricant oils to not only to the consumer markets but also to industrial, marine and airline services.

The most recent activity has been the formation of a new joint venture with Formosa Chemicals and Fibre Corporation to produce Acetic Acid and the selling of spot LNG cargos to the state-owned oil company of Taiwan.

Our people and partners

The China American Petrochemical Company (CAPCO) is a joint venture formed to manufacture purified terephthalic acid (PTA).

CAPCO has six production plants with a total capacity of 2.1 million tonnes a year. The five units at the Kaoshiung site have about 1.4 million tonnes total capacity, while the Taichung site produces 0.7 million tonnes using BP’s Project X technology.

Formosa BP Chemicals (FBPC) is an equally owned joint venture between BP and Formosa Chemicals and Fibre Corporation. Based at Mai Liao, FBPC started commercial production in Jan 2006 and produces 300,000 tonnes of acetic acid a year.

Please use the contact details below to email, call or write to us at BP Taiwan. We aim to deal with your enquiries as quickly as possible.

BP office in Taiwan

  • BP Taiwan Marketing Limited
  • 7th Floor, No. 71, Sec. 3
    Mingsheng East Road, Taipei 104
  • Tel: +886 (2) 8175 6800
    Fax: +886 (2) 2503 0734

Joint ventures

  • China American Petrochemical Co., Ltd (CAPCO)
  • 9th Floor, No. 392,
    Ruei Kuang Road, Neihu, Taipei,
  • Tel: +886 (2) 8752 0888
    Fax: +886 (2) 8798 2890
  • Formosa BP Chemicals Corporation (FBPC)
  • Front Building 5th Floor
    No. 201 Tung Hwa N. Road
    Taipei 105, Taiwan
  • Tel: +886 (2) 2712 2211
    Fax: +886 (2) 2716 1101