Connecting through culture

BP is one of the most significant corporate investors in UK arts and culture with a history that spans almost four decades. Our major partnerships are with the British Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, the Royal Opera House, Tate Britain and the Royal Shakespeare Company
BP Big Screens, Trafalgar Square, London BP Big Screens, Trafalgar Square, London

Today we focus on long term partnerships with the British Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Royal Opera House, Royal Shakespeare Company and Tate Britain. Our investment of almost £10 million in extending these relationships until 2017, represents one of the most significant and enduring investments in UK arts and culture. Increasingly, programmes with all our partners are becoming international, enabling people around the globe to enjoy the best of British arts and culture.

As a result of our commitment, millions of people - nationally and internationally - have engaged with BP sponsored activities such as opera and ballet productions, special exhibitions, works of art, family festival days, awards, grants and lectures.

The BP Archive

Since 1967 the BP Archive has been formally retaining records relating to the History of the Company. The collection consists of over 13 linear kilometres of paper records, photographs, artefacts, film and audio visual items. These, by the nature of the Company’s operations, include information on the cultural, social and economic histories of the countries in which we have and continue to operate around the world.

These records are not only used by the Company to support its primary business activities, but also to enhance its reputation by making the material available to cultural and historical institutions in those countries. For the past 20 years, the archive has also been made accessible to academic researchers and representatives of cultural institutions at its location on the campus of the University of Warwick.

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BP and the British Museum

BP is the British Museum's longest-standing partner. Over 19 years BP has backed numerous special exhibitions, most recently the remarkable story of Indigenous Australia: enduring civilisation.

BP and the Royal Opera House

BP and the Royal Opera House first worked together in 1988 and, for the last 15 years, BP has supported the free Big Screens live relays of opera and ballet performances direct from Covent Garden.

BP and the National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery's annual BP Portrait Award, the world's most prestigious competition of its kind, is now in its 26th year of sponsorship by BP.

BP and Tate Britain

BP's 26 year corporate partnership with Tate Britain enables it to create a broad and dynamic programme of exhibitions and events. The highlight is the important and free BP Displays which showcase the world's greatest collection of British art.

BP and the Royal Shakespeare Company

BP's relationship with the Royal Shakespeare Company began in 2011 with support for The World Shakespeare Festival. Following this success, BP became the Project Partner for the RSC's £5 ticket scheme for 16 - 25 year olds.