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The Statistical Review provides historic data on world energy markets, whilst the Energy Outlook makes projections to 2035

News: Statistical Review for 2015 published

The 2015 edition of the BP Statistical Review of World Energy highlights how significant changes in global energy production and consumption have had profound implications for prices, for the global fuel mix, and for global carbon dioxide emissions. Find out more

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Statistical Review of World Energy 2015

Statistical Review

Objective historical energy market data from the BP Statistical Review of World Energy

Energy Outlook 2035

Energy Outlook 2035

The BP Energy Outlook 2035 (2015 edition) - our projections of long-term energy trends

Spencer Dale, BP group chief economist

Spencer Dale

A profile of BP's group chief economist, Spencer Dale

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Energy charting tool

Use our interactive tool to interrogate world energy data in detail

Energy charting tool

Conversion calculator

Conversion calculator

The conversion calculator will help you convert between different units of measurement

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