Energy Outlook

The BP Energy Outlook

Identifies long-term energy trends, and then develops projections for world energy markets to 2035

The annual Energy Outlook reflects our best effort to describe the “most likely” trajectory of the world’s energy system.  This edition updates our view of the likely path of global energy markets and extends it to 2035.  We make assumptions on changes in policy, technology and the economy, based on extensive internal and external consultations, using a range of analytical tools to build a single “most likely” view.

Once again, the Outlook highlights the power of competition and market forces in driving technology and innovation to meet the world’s energy needs. These factors make us optimistic for the world’s energy future, and they suggest a way forward in mastering challenges such as security and sustainability.

Energy Outlook 2035 launch

Energy Outlook launch event

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Energy Outlook 2035

Outlook to 2035

A more detailed look at the BP Energy Outlook 2035 and supporting materials

Energy Outlook 2030: Country insights

Country insights

Building on the Energy Outlook, we provide projections at a regional and country level

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Energy Outlook downloads

Includes translations, Excel workbooks, presentations and other supporting materials

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