Oil consumption

Global oil consumption grew by 890,000 barrels per day (b/d), or 0.9%

Oil had the weakest global growth rate among fossil fuels for the third consecutive year. OECD consumption declined by 1.3% (530,000 b/d), the sixth decrease in the past seven years; the OECD now accounts for just 50.2% of global consumption, the smallest share on record. Outside the OECD, consumption grew by 1.4 million b/d, or 3.3%. China again recorded the largest increment to global consumption (+470,000 b/d, +5%) although the growth rate was below the 10-year average. Japanese consumption grew by 250,000 b/d (+6.3%), the strongest growth increment since 1994.

Consumption per capita 2012


Oil consumption data includes inland demand plus international aviation, marine bunkers and oil products consumed in the refining process. Consumption of fuel ethanol and biodiesel is also included.

Annual changes and shares of total are calculated using million tonnes per annum figures rather than thousand barrels daily.

Data are supplied in both volume and weight measures.