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There’s much more to know about our history. Whether you’re a student, teacher, researcher or someone who’s simply curious about the history of energy and our company, here’s how to learn more.

Additional reading

The official history of BP includes three weighty volumes, with a fourth volume on the way. The series is published by Cambridge University Press and includes:

  • 'The History of British Petroleum - Volume 1: The Developing Years, 1901-1932’, by RW Ferriert
  • ‘The History of British Petroleum - Volume 2: The Anglo-Iranian Years, 1928 – 1954’, by James Bamberg
  • ‘British Petroleum and global oil, 1950-1975: The Challenge of Nationalism’, by James Bamberg.

To order, visit the publishers website

For more concise or specialized views of our history and the histories of some of our heritage companies, you might try these additional titles:

  • ‘A History of the Burmah Oil Company, Volume 1, 1886-1924; Volume 2, 1924-1966, by TAB Corley (Heinemann, 1983-1988)
  • ‘Challenge and Response, A Modern History of Standard Oil Company (Indiana)’, by Emmett Dedmon (Mobium Press, 1984)
  • ‘Standard Oil Company (Indiana), Oil Pioneer of the Middle West’, by Paul H Giddens (Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1955)
  • ‘Adventure in Oil, The Story of British Petroleum’, by Henry Longhurst (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1959)
  • ‘Prelude to Merger: A History of Amoco Corporation, 1973-1998’, by Joseph Pratt (2000)
  • ‘Portrait in Oil, An Illustrated History of BP’, by Berry Richie (James & James, 1995).

The BP archive

The BP archive is housed at the University of Warwick, in Coventry, England. It documents the history of our company, predecessors and subsidiaries through a collection of original materials, including company magazines, annual reports, photographs, advertisements and official documents.

If you have a research query relating to our history, please contact the archive team using the details below. Visits to the archive search room may be arranged by appointment only.

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