Olympic and Paralympic partnerships

BP began its association with Olympic and Paralympic sport when it became a partner of the London 2012 Games. Since then BP has supported a number of high-profile sporting events, including the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and the 2015 IPC World Athletics Championships. This summer BP is supporting the London 2017 World Para Athletics Championships.

BP is an International Partner of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). In addition BP has supported a number of national Paralympic committees including in the UK, US, Angola, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Georgia, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, Turkey, Trinidad & Tobago and UAE.

BP also proudly supports some of the world’s best athletes.

“When the world’s best athletes compete on the international stage, many will discover an energy within that they didn’t know they possessed. The energy within is also what drives BP to keep searching for newer, better, safer ways to provide the energy that the world needs.” Duncan Blake, director of brand at BP.

Find out more about one of our athlete ambassadors, Ilham Zakiyev.

Ilham Zakiyev

On patrol on the front line of the conflict with neighbouring Armenia in 1999, the burly Azerbaijani soldier was felled by a sniper’s bullet.

“I woke up to hear my mother’s voice and they told me I’d been in a coma for five days,” Zakiyev recalls. “But everything around me was dark. Then it dawned; I realised I had gone blind.”

To the big 18-year-old, it felt as if he had lost everything. His depression was profound yet he found new energy within, a new reason to hope, thanks to his love for sport and love for his country.

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Ilham Zakiyev is a double Paralympic judo gold medallist

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