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Working in Libya

We’re carrying out one of the largest exploration programmes in BP’s history in a country which is rebuilding itself – that’s an incredible challenge and opportunity

When civil unrest broke out in Libya in February 2011, we withdrew international BP employees, their families and our contractors – but we didn’t walk away and abandon Libya, far from it. In fact, we continued to pay the salaries of local employees. That’s why, post-revolution, we have been welcomed back with open arms.

In a new climate of openness, we’re working with the Libyan government and other agencies, using our technical expertise where it has best effect and reinvigorating our exploration activities.

The unique situation in the country means we are doing things in Libya that BP hasn’t done before. We conducted the biggest 3D seismic survey in our history and we’re now getting ready to drill both on and offshore, with the aim of discovering significant volumes of hydrocarbons that will make a difference to both Libya and to us. We will soon re-establish our involvement in community projects in our areas of activity, with a particular focus on education and training and cultural heritage. Earlier projects included the establishment of an Adult Language Centre to give local people the English skills to help improve their job prospects.

Whether you’re a Libyan national or looking to join us from another global location, you’ll be part of a high-calibre but close-knit team that is committed to doing things properly. It’s a great chance to raise your profile – in the absence of established teams, you’ll be able to put your own stamp on your role, our projects and our future in Libya.

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