Project Engineering

Due to a high volume of early applications, we are unfortunately now closed for graduate and internship applications. Please see our Degree Matcher to view alternative programmes.


BP has one of the world’s largest portfolios of engineering projects. Currently our Global Projects Organisation (GPO) is working hard to deliver new oil and gas production facilities, and plans to begin 15 projects in the near future. The GPO has clear goals to deliver safe design and quality build, and be recognized as one of the best projects organizations in the industry. It provides a broad spectrum of services and specialist expertise at each stage of the project lifecycle. From confirming viability and defining functional requirements to handing over defect-free facilities to operations, this work helps maximize the value of our projects.

Your role and responsibilities

The range of activities carried out by GPO is reflected in the variety of opportunities available to graduates:

Construction is about planning the physical build and overseeing its creation. Your role here will range from inputting into the initial construction plans and reviews, to the safe management of site activities during the building of facilities.

Commissioning is the final phase of the project lifecycle before the plant is started up — it’s about making the plant come alive, ensuring it is fit for its intended purpose and operates as designed. Graduate roles in commissioning involve the planning and execution of final site testing of equipment and facilities, troubleshooting and safe handover to our production division.

Project controls is essential to the successful delivery of the full project lifecycle. Project controls teams perform a broad range of activities including estimating, planning and scheduling, cost control and information management. Typically, you’ll be overseeing where the project is headed, identifying deviations from expected performance and providing accurate forecast information. Ultimately, you’ll be helping to maximize the project value and informing the decision-making processes.

Project management focuses on the execution and delivery of a scope of work to quality, cost and schedule requirements. You’ll be responsible for the integration of design, procurement, construction, and commissioning activities from the initial concept to project close-out and the day-to-day management and performance of contractors and suppliers.

Quality engineering is responsible for ensuring that our project teams, engineers, contractors and suppliers follow established procedures and incorporate the detail in the requirements, so that assets are designed, built and work according to specification. Your responsibilities could include setting the quality objectives, verifying that the design intent and technical integrity are carried through from initial design to project close-out and implementing the inspection and testing requirements.

You should state your first and, if appropriate, second preference on your application. You will be given the chance to change this as you progress through the interview process and learn more about each discipline.

If you’re looking to work in a new projects environment but pursue a career in engineering, you should, in the first instance, apply via one of the engineering disciplines and express a preference for a career in Upstream projects on your application.

Development opportunities

When you first join BP as a graduate, you will be allocated to one of the projects disciplines and enrolled into our Challenge Programme for projects. This has been carefully designed specifically to meet the needs of the GPO project disciplines and provides a common foundation in understanding and experiencing major project delivery in BP, and is the first part of a long-term investment in your professional development. Projects Challengers will be an integral part of the team and will actively contribute to the project. During the programme, personal mentoring, in-house and external training courses, technical supervision, regular performance evaluation, coupled with a variety of hands-on roles, will prepare you for a far-reaching and rewarding career with BP.

Your future

By choosing one of these career paths, you could become one our next generation of project leaders. On completion of the projects Challenge Programme, you can expect to take on a position of increased responsibility on more complex projects and continue your development in your chosen discipline. Longer term, you could progress into a management role in projects, or become a subject matter expert. We’re committed to your development and success, so you will also be supported to gain professional accreditation through a body such as the Project Management Institute, which will recognize your professional competence and experience.


Normally, graduate positions will initially be based in your home location where you applied to BP.

We require that all graduates be flexible as to geographical location for the duration of the programme. Project engineering roles and careers in GPO have an international element and will continue to present opportunities to travel and work overseas.


We look for graduates with excellent numeracy, planning and communication skills and a 2:1 degree, or equivalent, in civil engineering, construction, project management, quantity surveying, manufacturing/industrial engineering, or other engineering degree. In addition, you will need to have strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, a sharp eye for detail, and enjoy working within a dynamic team.