Safety and operational risk (S&OR)

On every rig, in every plant, in every office, our commitment to safety and operational risk is unequivocal
Careers S&OR

While safety is ultimately everyone’s responsibility, safety and operational risk (S&OR) is the part of our business that endeavours to strengthen safe, reliable and compliant operations – wherever we are. Because it touches every part of our organisation, we have a wide range of opportunities for safety-focused and talented people. 

We typically recruit health, safetysecurity and environment (HSSE) professionals, process safety engineers and technical specialists into our collaborative team environment. Explore our stories and roles to find out where you could fit in.

In S&OR, we provide in-depth technical expertise to our businesses – and we have a key role in ensuring that our individual businesses conform to applicable safety standards. We deliver the strategic leadership that strengthens the business’s ability to follow consistent safety practices and protocols and embed a culture of safety across our operations.

We assess and manage operating risks, and we seek to ensure there are robust action plans in place to control or mitigate them. We provide independent checks and balances to audit our safety performance – and we drive continuous improvements in performance by optimising our operating management system (OMS) to deliver ever-better results.

Who do we look for?

S&OR covers such a wide and critical agenda that we seek best practice from all industries. You could be working in the energy business at present, but equally you could operate in another high-hazard sector such as the nuclear, chemical or aeronautical industries where risk management is critical. Similarly, you don’t need to have followed a 'mainstream' health and safety career path. Many of our recruits, for instance, have held exploration roles in the upstream business, or joined S&OR from a military, project management or human resources background.

While we welcome different perspectives and experiences, what all S&OR employees do have in common is their exceptional abilities and their passionate interest in systematically managing safety and operational risk. As the driving force for safe and reliable operations within one of the world’s leading energy companies, S&OR needs the best talent. This means people who live and breathe our values and behaviours to act as role models for the whole business and can put our philosophy into practice. Those who can demonstrate, or quickly acquire, deep technical knowledge, share their expertise at all levels, provide an independent view, inspire a company-wide safety culture and turn strategic plans into clear actions.

As well as technical knowledge and an intelligent, enquiring mind, you’ll need plenty of self-belief. We look for decisive people with the confidence to influence others and the credibility to become respected leaders on safety matters – those who can make a long-term difference. You’ll also need to be able to work in a culture of respect and collaboration, where inclusivity and different viewpoints are valued.

Why safety and operational risk?

The breadth of the S&OR remit is reflected in the sheer range of opportunities available. S&OR comprises a central team and a number of deployed teams. Join our central team, and you’ll be providing technical and discipline expertise and taking ownership of group safety standards. As a member of a deployed team, you’ll be working alongside colleagues in Upstream, Downstream or other functions, providing integrated solutions that visibly help to make our organization stronger and safer.

Within S&OR, you could work anywhere in the world. And whatever your role and wherever you’re located, you’ll be at the heart of significantly improving our operations and building a safer, stronger business. Your influence will extend beyond our organisation: when it comes to safety and operational risk, we aim to be a leader in the energy sector, so your input could be shaping the way the industry manages risk in the future.

In a business as complex as ours, challenges will come thick and fast. With our collaborative ‘one team’ ethos, everyone’s opinion is respected and we’ll wholeheartedly welcome your ideas.


The prime locations for S&OR are Sunbury-on-Thames in the UK and Houston in the US.

Sunbury, to the west of London, is around five miles from Heathrow Airport. This is where you’ll find one of BP’s largest office sites, Sunbury International Centre for Business and Technology (ICBT), which is home to 4,500 of our people and over 80,000 visitors a year.

Houston, the fourth-largest city in the US and the largest city in the state of Texas, is the headquarters of our American operation. More than 10,000 BP employees and contractors work on our Westlake campus, in the heart of Houston’s “energy corridor”.

Learning and development

We have a commitment to learning and development and you can expect world-class training in line with your strengths, interests and aspirations. Combined with stimulating on-the-job experiences, this will enhance your current expertise and allow you to focus on your long-term career objectives.

Whatever your role, you’ll be provided with structured courses and access to online learning. We run a rigorous mentorship programme specifically aimed at those with the potential to move up into senior management and leadership roles. We’re also planning career development panels through which senior figures within S&OR will input the career development plans of those identified for promotion.

You’ll be working with some of the best minds in the business – people who will help to support your career growth. Equally important, you’ll get exposure to the very latest technologies in the safety and risk arena, benefiting from our culture of constant innovation.

Flexible working

Individuals are also supported through agile working. Whether this means flexible hours, partial or full-time home working or job sharing, we are open to practical solutions to ensure everyone in S&OR can maintain a strong work/life balance.

Diversity and inclusion

The S&OR leadership team has implemented a robust diversity and inclusion (D&I) plan for the function that supports the achievement of BP’s D&I Ambition. The plan is a statement of intent to attract, motivate, develop and retain the best talent regardless of background.

We are one team at BP, and everyone in S&OR is treated fairly, and with respect and is encouraged to voice their opinion. Each member of the team knows what is expected of them and is given every opportunity to realise their potential in a pleasant, supportive and collaborative environment.