Diversity and inclusion

Our perspective on diversity and inclusion (D&I) is that it is more than a box-ticking exercise – it is a business essential
Diversity and inclusion

As a multi-national company we want our workforce to represent the societies in which we operate. So we work to attract, motivate, develop and retain the best talent from communities around the globe. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I) enables us to be creative, competitive and thrive in our environment, as we deliver safe and reliable energy the world needs now and in the future.  

We believe that success comes from the energy of our people. We currently have over 80,000 employees working in 80 countries across the globe; we employ around 20,000 people in Upstream and over 50,000 in Downstream. In addition, our global activities support thousands of other contractors and joint venture staff. 

The better our people, the better we are. D&I is a key component in our continued growth and success. We respect individual differences and we value the contribution of each employee to make their team and the business more effective. In a recent survey, 74% of our employees believed that managers seek out diverse views from their teams.

We have set out what we believe to be best practice in our group D&I ambition, with business leaders being accountable to progress diversity and inclusion with the ambition to achieve the following goal: 

  • We aim for 25% female group leaders and 30% female senior level leaders by 2020.

We believe that the proportion of women in leadership should be reflected in our workforce as a whole and we are making good progress to attract, develop and retain more women. Over 30% of our graduate hires are female in the UK through continued efforts to highlight the depth and breadth of careers available in BP which include science, trading, business and engineering.

Our executive team meets quarterly to track progress on D&I initiatives and drive accountability on the D&I ambition goals. D&I is also embedded in our code of conduct; the code reflects our values based approach – safety, respect, excellence, courage and one team – and forms a core part of how we do business. We are working to bring our values to life and embed them in our day-to-day behaviour.

Employee networks

BP encourages and supports a number of business resource groups (BRGs). BRGs are employee-networks, set up by employees for employees. The groups come together voluntarily with the goal of enhancing the success of BP's D&I objectives by helping to foster, develop and retain diverse talent in BP. We currently have BRGs around race, gender, sexual orientation, working parents, veterans and disabilities, providing opportunities for informal development and networking. 

Some of the current BRGs include:

  • BP Women’s International Network and local women’s networks at many of our sites around the world.
  • BP Pride group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees.
  • BP Asian, African-American and Latino networks in the US.
  • Positively Ethnic Network’ for Black, Asian and ethnic minority employees in the UK.
  • Global Reach in the UK and Beyond America in the US, bringing together employees working in those countries from outside the UK and the US.
  • Gray Matters in the US.
  • Working Parents and Parents to Be in the UK and the US.
  • Disability Awareness Network in the UK.

Awards and recognition

Both in our industry and outside, we’ve been recognized for our commitment to making BP a great place to work. Here are some of our most recent awards.

  • EOWA Employer of Choice for Women, 2011, 2012, 2013 – BP has been awarded a citation as an Employer of Choice for Women for a third consecutive year.
  • Top 50 OUTstanding in Business 2013 – Paul Reed, Chief Executive of Integrated Supply and Trading, was recently included in the Top 50 OUTstanding in Business List, which recognizes LGBT leaders who are proving the true value of authentic leadership.
The Business in the Community Big Tick 2014

Race for Opportunity Awards 2014

BP achieved the shortlist and Big Tick in the Employee Network Award for its UK-based business resource group- BP PEN. BP PEN was set up in 2006 and continues to promote the inclusion and representation of ethnic minorities at BP through targeted programmes in recruitment, mentoring, professional development and cultural awareness. In the Champion Award category, the founder of PEN Charles Thompson was recognised for his immense contribution to the network which he also chaired from 2006 to 2011.

Sandra Kerr OBE, Race for Opportunity Director, Business in the Community said: “It is crucial that businesses publicly demonstrate their leadership on equal BAME progression in the workplace, and how to create real change that benefits a BAME workforce and organisations as a whole. I congratulate BP on being shortlisted for a 2014 Race for Opportunity Award and achieving a Big Tick for their commitment to race equality. The standard of entries was incredibly high once again this year, and they should be very proud of their success in reaching this stage.”  

A full list of the shortlisted organisations in each of the seven categories is available on the Race for Opportunity website.

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The more diverse we are, the more successful we’ll be.

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