Coal consumption

Coal consumption declined in all regions except South and Central America and Asia Pacific. The US and China accounted for all of the net decline in global consumption

Global coal consumption fell by 1.8% in 2015, well below the 10-year average annual growth of 2.1% and the largest percentage (and volumetric) decline in our data set. All of the net decline was accounted for by the US (-12.7%, the world’s largest volumetric decline) and China (-1.5%), partially offset by modest increases in India (+4.8%) and Indonesia (+15%). Coal’s share of global primary energy consumption fell to 29.2%, the lowest share since 2005.

Consumption by region (million tonnes oil equivalent)


Coal consumption includes data for solid fuels only. Included in the hard coal category are bituminous and anthracite. The sub-bituminous coal includes lignite and brown coal. Other commercial solid fuels are also included. The figures exclude coal converted to liquid or gaseous fuels, but includes coal consumed in transformation processes.

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