Natural gas consumption

Consumption growth grew by (+1.7%) a significant increase from the weak growth in 2014, but remained below the 10-year average of 2.3%

The Middle East recorded the strongest regional growth rate (+6.2%), while consumption in Europe & Eurasia declined by 0.3%, with a decline in Russia offsetting growth in the EU. Among emerging economies, Iran (+6.2%) and China (+4.7%) recorded the largest increments to consumption, even though growth in China was sluggish compared with a ten-year average growth of 15.1%. Among OECD countries, the US (+3%) accounted for the largest growth increment.  Globally, natural gas accounted for 23.8% of primary energy consumption.

Natural gas consumption per capita 2015 (tonnes oil equivalent)


Natural gas consumption excludes natural gas converted to liquid fuels but includes derivatives of coal as well as natural gas consumed in Gas-to-Liquids transformation.

As far as possible, the data represents standard cubic metres (measured at 150°C and 1013mbar); as they are derived directly from tonnes of oil equivalent using an average conversion factor, they do not necessarily equate with gas volumes expressed in specific national terms.

Consumption data in the PDF data table is in billion cubic meters (bcm) and million tonnes oil equivalent (mtoe), data in billion cubic feet per day (bcf/day) can be found in the Excel workbook.


Includes data from Cedigaz.

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