Natural gas production

World natural gas production growth accelerated to 2.2% in 2015, slightly below the 10-year average growth of 2.4%

North America (+3.9%) recorded the largest growth increment, driven by continued strong increases in US output, while production in Europe & Eurasia declined by 0.7%, with large declines in the Netherlands and Russia. The Netherlands (-22.8%) recording the world’s largest decline. Large volumetric declines were also seen in Russia (-1.5%) and Yemen (-71.5%).

Natural gas production by region (billion cubic metres)


Gas production comprises marketed production and excludes gas flared or recycled gas. Includes natural gas produced for Gas-to-Liquids transformation.

As far as possible, the data represents standard cubic metres (measured at 150°C and 1013mbar); as they are derived directly from tonnes of oil equivalent using an average conversion factor, they do not necessarily equate with gas volumes expressed in specific national terms.

Natural gas production is provided in three different units of measurement to accommodate regional customary usage. World natural gas production PDF tables are in both billion cubic metres, and million tonnes oil equivalent (mtoe). Data in the Excel workbook are also in billion cubic feet per day (bcf/d).


Includes data from Cedigaz.

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