Oil trade movements

Global trade of crude oil and refined products expanded by 3 million b/d (+5.2%) last year, the largest increase since 1993

Crude oil trade was lifted by growing exports from the Middle East (+550,000 b/d), while Europe and China accounted for the largest increases in imports (+770,000 b/d and +530,000 b/d respectively). Growth in refined product exports was again led by the US (+470,000 b/d); the country’s net oil imports fell to 4.8 million b/d, the lowest since 1985.

Oil major trade movements 2015 - trade flows worldwide (million tonnes)


The data and map illustrate the flow of crude oil and products between sources of production and the regions of consumption.

The tables exclude the intra-area movements of oil (for example, crude oil and products moving between countries within Europe). Bunkers are not included as exports. Crude imports and exports include condensates. The oil trade tables now break out China and Russia and provide the split of crude oil and products for inter-area movements. Data in the tables are in million tonnes and thousand barrels per day.

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