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Gulf of Mexico restoration

We are helping economic and environmental restoration efforts in the Gulf Coast as part of our ongoing commitment to the region following the Deepwater Horizon accident in 2010

Restoring the economy

Our Gulf Coast economic recovery efforts have focused on paying all legitimate claims and supporting two of the region's most vital industries - tourism and seafood. Find out more about how we are supporting the economic recovery of the Gulf through a variety of programmes

BP's payments related to Gulf Coast recovery

Activity (as at 31 December 2013) Funding
Response and clean-up $14 billion+
Claims, advances and settlements $12.5 billion
Funding for the natural resource damage assessment process $1 billion+
Early restoration projects (Reflects projects that BP and the trustees
have reached agreement or agreement in principle)
$698 million
State-led tourism campaigns $178 million
State-led seafood marketing programmes $47 million
State-led seafood testing $24 million

In this section

Pensacola Beach, Florida

Early restoration

Projects designed to accelerate efforts to restore natural resources injured as a result of the Deepwater Horizon accident

Turtle swimming underwater

NRDA studies

Scientists are studying a range of species and habitats to understand how these may have been affected by the accident

Shrimp market in Delambre, Louisiana

Seafood industry

Gulf seafood is among the most rigorously tested sources of seafood on the market today

Staff reading through documents

Investigations and legal proceedings

Information on investigations and legal proceedings following the Deepwater Horizon accident

Boom used during the GOM accident response

About the accident

Read a summary of the Deepwater Horizon accident and how we responded

Lady answering a phonecall


How to get in touch with inquiries about restoration in the Gulf Coast region

BP's commitment to sustainability worldwide

BP Sustainability Review 2013 cover photograph

BP Sustainability Review

Castrol helps independent motorcycle mechanics update their skills

Value to society

Pumping jack at BP's North America gas Knight well site, Durango, Colorado

The energy challenge

BP in America

Cherry Point Industrial Hygienist Reynold David

Investment in America