Compensating the people and communities affected

BP was determined to respond swiftly and fairly to legitimate claims from individuals, businesses and government entities
Claims Center - Bayou La Batre, AL Claims centre in Bayou La Batre, Alabama

We sought to implement a fair and simple claims process aimed at supplying funds as quickly as possible and to provide assurance of available funds.

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Trust - $20 billion fund

BP, in agreement with the US government, set up the $20 billion trust to provide confidence that funds would be available to satisfy claims, final judgments in litigation and litigation settlements, state and local response costs and claims, and natural resource damages and related costs. The trust is now fully funded.

Compensating individuals and local businesses

Since May 2010, BP has paid a total of approximately $11 billion to individuals and businesses through various claims processes, with $2.9 billion being paid in 2013.

Compensating governmental and other agencies

BP is directly managing claims and funding requests for losses or expenses incurred by states, parishes, counties, federally recognized Indian tribes and other government entities.

Government entities have received approximately $1.5 billion in payments for claims, advances, and settlements.


The information on this page forms part of the information reviewed and reported on by Ernst & Young as part of BP's 2013 sustainability reporting. View the full assurance statement.

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