Financial calendar

Please download the below PDF to view the 2016 financial calendar.

All future dates are indicative and subject to change.

For additional key dates relating to dividend payments please visit and for information regarding the Scrip Dividend Programme please visit

Date Type Event Add to calendar
27 Oct 2015 Results Third Quarter results and dividend announcement
04 Nov 2015 Ex-dividend Third Quarter ex-dividend for ADSs*
05 Nov 2015 Ex-dividend Third Quarter ex-dividend for ordinary shares
06 Nov 2015 Record date Third Quarter record date
18 Dec 2015 Dividend Third Quarter payment date
31 Dec 2015 Preference shares 8% and 9% preference shares ex-dividend

* With effect from 6 October 2014, the London Stock Exchange will shorten the standard settlement cycle from T + 3 to T + 2. This change is in accordance with the Central Securities Depository Regulation to harmonise securities settlement cycles in the European Union. Consequently, ordinary shares traded on the London Stock Exchange will now settle one day earlier than ADSs traded on the New York Stock Exchange in the United States which remains on a T + 3 settlement cycle.