Directors' remuneration report 2015

Remuneration is directly linked to strategy and performance, with a particular emphasis on matching rewards to results over the long-term

This is the second year that we have reported the directors' remuneration under the directors' remuneration policy which was approved at the 2014 AGM. Both the report and the policy can be found below.

Key downloads

An introduction from the chairman of the remuneration committee.
The directors' remuneration report details the implementation of remuneration in respect of 2015.
The approved remuneration policy report sets out the policy for implementation from 2014.

Single figure tables

The single figure table of remuneration of executive directors in 2015.
The single figure table of remuneration of non-executive directors in 2015.
In compliance with UK regulations, shareholders are invited to approve the directors annual report on remuneration via an advisory vote.

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