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The board has announced the payment of a dividend following the 2Q 2014 results. The timetable is shown below:

2Q 2014 dividend information

Dividend event Date announced Rate Add to calendar
2Q 14 results and US dollar cash dividend 29-Jul-14   Add to calendar
- per ordinary share (in US dollars) $0.0975  
- per ADS (in US dollars)     $0.585   
Ordinary shares/ADSs quoted ex-dividend 06-Aug-14     Add to calendar
Record date for 2Q 14 interim dividend 08-Aug-14     Add to calendar
Reference share price 12-Aug-14      Add to calendar
- per ordinary share (in US dollars)      $7.886     
- per ADS (in US dollars)      $47.366     
Election date: latest date for receipt of Scrip Dividend Mandate Forms/Elections 02-Sep-14      Add to calendar
- Ordinary shares
- ADSs
4:30pm BST
5.00pm ET
Sterling cash dividend per ordinary share 09-Sep-14 Tbc** Add to calendar
Dividend payment date 19-Sep-14      Add to calendar
First date of dealings in the new shares 19-Sep-14      Add to calendar

Details of the most recent dividend payment

Cash Scrip
Quarter Date dividend paid Dividend paid per ordinary share Dividend paid per ADS (US$) Reference share price per ordinary share (US$) Reference share price per ADS (US$)
1Q 14 20-Jun-14 £0.058071 $0.585 $8.475 $50.900

* To be confirmed

** For illustration, using the 4pm Bank of England GBP/USD exchange rate on 11 August 2014 of 1.67900 the dividend per ordinary share in £ sterling would be 5.807 pence per share. The actual amount which will be payable in £ sterling will be announced on 9 September 2014. 

More information on dividend payment options, dividend policy and dividend reinvestment is available following the links below: