Socially responsible investment

BP aims to be a responsible company and a force for progress

We help the world meet its growing need for heat, light and mobility by providing sustainable, secure, diverse and reliable energy solutions. We are committed to creating value through responsible performance, protecting our environment and the communities in which we operate. There is a wealth of information available here on This page signposts the information socially responsible investors may find most useful, directing you to the correct pages as quickly and easily as possible.

Energy transition webinar

On 20th March 2015, we hosted a webinar to discuss BP’s response to the shareholder resolution “Strategic resilience for 2035 and beyond.”

The meeting was hosted by Dominic Emery, VP Long-term planning and policy. Dominic was joined by David Eyton, Group head of technology.

Presentation packs

Bly progress update - Dec 2014 Update on progress on each of the 26 recommendations pdf (0.2MB)
SRI meeting 2014 Download the slides from the event pdf (4.5MB)
SRI meeting 2013 Download a zip file containing materials from the event including presentations on safety, strategy, exploration and oil sands zip (3.7MB)
SRI field trip 2013 Context, Global Wells Organisation, Capping stack, Monitoring centre zip (8.4MB)
Oil sands webinar 2012 Update on BP's oil sands projects zip (947KB)
SRI meeting 2012 Context, Safety, People, Drilling zip (6.4MB)
SRI meeting 2011 Safety, supply chain, the board zip (1.7MB)
Alternative Energy webinar 2011 BP's approach to investing in alternative energy zip (924KB)


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