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Issue two 2011

Skarv FPSO, Norway BP Magazine talks to the company’s Exploration leader about investing for the future


There’s been a lot of debate lately about whether the days of ‘easy oil’ are over. But, I suspect that if you were to ask the late William Knox D’Arcy – BP’s founder – he would probably have told you there was nothing ‘easy’ about looking for oil in the early 20th century. One thing is clear – finding new sources of energy remains the lifeblood of any oil and gas company. We talk to Mike Daly, BP’s head of Exploration, about this ongoing search and find out why flexibility is crucial to success.

In this issue we head for India, a nation with rising energy needs and the hydrocarbon potential to meet some of that demand. In other parts of the magazine, we return to the Gulf of Mexico, to find out what some of the local fishermen are experiencing as they get back to work a year after the oil spill; we take a look back at 60 years of the BP Statistical Review of World Energy; and British Paralympian Shelly Woods talks about preparing for London 2012 and her role as one of BP’s athlete ambassadors.

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