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Portrait Award winner

Thomas Ganter has become the first German to win the BP Portrait Award

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Exploration: the complex jigsaw

Exploration jigsaw

By piecing together all the data and evidence, explorers hone in on the locations where the best opportunities lie

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The driller’s dashboard

A new technology called BP Well Advisor is helping drilling teams around the world monitor oil and gas wells

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A pioneering industry

In our industry, we are all pioneers says BP's chief executive Bob Dudley in this new video

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Old Jarma - an ancient oasis town in the Libyan Desert

The Garamantes

A joint UK Libyan archaeological study have now established 'Old Jarma' to be the centre of Libya’s first indigenous civilisation

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Castrol, TITANIUM Fluid Strength Technology

Under pressure

Castrol has launched its strongest ever oil, using TITANIUM Fluid Strength Technology™ to cope with the high pressure demands of the latest car engines

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A glimpse of the materials world

A glimpse of the materials world

BP expert Sheetal Handa explains how the energy industry is trying to develop new materials

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Digital scans reveal rock secrets

Digital scans

Using powerful scanners and supercomputers to simulate reservoirs and understand how oil will flow through them

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Ahmed Hashmi - maturing of the digital oilfield

Digital oilfield

Ahmed Hashm, explains why the dawn of the digital oilfield presents challenges as well as opportunities.

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Colleagues review seismic data on the screen

BP’s exploration chief highlights renewed momentum

BP’s top geologist explains why the company’s exploration portfolio represents a future source of value

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Students at the Fletcher College in Houma, Louisiana

Investing in the future

An advanced facility for training the next generation, made possible by a $4 million donation from BP

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A close-up of a laboratory technician monitoring the temperature and pressure readings on a rig, with the readings reflected in her protective eyewear, at the Enhanced Oil Recovery Laboratory (EOR) in Sunbury, UK.

'Tomorrow's industry'

To mark International Petroleum Week, BP CEO Bob Dudley has highlighted priorities for the industry

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A laboratory technician uploading a core sample from a rig upon the completion of a recent experiment, at the Enhanced Oil Recovery Laboratory (EOR) in Sunbury, UK

LoSal® EOR wins award

BP has won an award from the global Offshore Technology Conference for its plans to use Low Salinity

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Viking boat at the Vikings: Life and Legend exhibition, British

The Viking are coming

Timbers from a long boat built nearly 1,000 years ago form the centre piece of the British Museum’s first major Viking exhibition

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Operators controlling ROV (remotely operated vehicle) subsea operations, offshore Brazil

Bright future in Brazil

BP’s upstream activities in Brazil have been boosted by the successful completion of a significant drill stem test

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