21 April 2015

Keynote address at CERAWeek conference 2015
Bob Dudley , Group chief executive CERA conference, Houston, Texas

20 April 2015

Unconventional world, unconventional thinking
Michael Townshend , Regional President, BP Middle East 23rd Annual Middle East Petroleum & Gas Conference Abu Dhabi, UAE

16 April 2015

2015 Annual General Meeting: group chief executive
Bob Dudley , Group Chief Executive ExCeL London

16 April 2015

2015 Annual General Meeting: chairman
Carl-Henric Svanberg , Chairman ExCeL London

02 March 2015

Mexican Energy Reform Summit
Bob Dudley , Group chief executive, BP Mexican Energy Reform Summit

17 February 2015

BP Energy Outlook 2035
Bob Dudley , Group chief executive St James's Square, London

26 January 2015

The unconventional opportunity
Ahmed Hashmi , Head of upstream technology Society of Petroleum Engineers - Muscat, Oman

26 January 2015

Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference
David Eyton , Group head of technology Hyatt Regency, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

11 December 2014

The factory of new knowledge
Angela Strank , Chief Scientist Imperial College, London

03 December 2014

EY Partners Conference: strategic developments in the oil and gas sector
Dev Sanyal , Executive Vice President Strategy and Regions London

17 November 2014

Addressing Europe’s energy challenge: the role of technology
Iain Conn , Group Managing Director The EU energy challenge: Can innovation fill the gap? summit, Brussels

10 November 2014

Challenges and opportunities for the next 30 years – innovation and leadership
Bob Dudley , Group Chief Executive ADIPEC, Abu Dhabi

29 October 2014

Delivering energy and value in changing times
Bob Dudley , Group Chief Executive Oil & Money conference, London

29 October 2014

Future Energy Resources and Challenges and the Role Technology Can Play in Shaping our Energy Future
David Eyton , Group Head of Technology Tsinghua University, China

19 September 2014

Can corporations solve global problems?
Dev Sanyal , Executive vice president, strategy and regions Oxford Analytica Global Horizons conference, Oxford University
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