BP is working to avoid, minimize and mitigate environmental impacts wherever we do business

Our progress in 2014

What we said we would do

  • Investigate water management approaches taking into account our operations’ life cycle water demand and local water resources
  • Continue to develop modelling tools to better predict the consequences of an oil spill to land
  • Share lessons learned on energy efficiency at Toledo in the US with our other refineries around the world

Where we are today

  • We have invested in a specialist water treatment company to help manage our operations in water scarce areas
  • We are supporting businesses to apply an onshore oil spill modelling tool to improve oil spill response planning
  • 6 of our refineries have developed energy efficiency plans using lessons learned at Toledo

What we plan to do next

  • Assess different technology approaches for optimizing water consumption and wastewater treatment performance
  • Test the use of remote sensing systems for oil spill planning and response
  • Continue to implement actions identified in the energy efficiency plans at our refineries

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