BP is working to avoid, minimize and mitigate environmental impacts wherever we do business

Our progress in 2014

What we said we would do Where we are today
Investigate water management approaches taking into account our operations’ life cycle water demand and local water resources We have invested in a specialist water treatment company to help manage our operations in water scarce areas
Continue to develop modelling tools to better predict the consequences of an oil spill to land We are supporting businesses to apply an onshore oil spill modelling tool to improve oil spill response planning
Share lessons learned on energy efficiency at Toledo in the US with our other refineries around the world 6 of our refineries have developed energy efficiency plans using lessons learned at Toledo

What we plan to do next
Assess different technology approaches for optimizing  water consumption and wastewater treatment performance
Test the use of remote sensing systems for oil spill planning and response
Continue to implement actions identified in the energy efficiency plans at our refineries

In this section

The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, south of Fairbanks in Alaska, US

Sensitive environments

We take steps to understand and manage the potential impacts of our operations on sensitive areas

Kwinana Refinery at sunset, Australia


BP recognizes the importance of access to fresh water and the need to manage water discharges in our operations

Operator on crude tank stairwell, Toledo refinery, Ohio, US

Greenhouse gas emissions

We aim to manage our emissions through improved operational energy efficiency and reductions in flaring and venting

A PTA plant's silos, Zhuhai in the Guangdong Province, China

Energy use

We aim to reduce our energy use by increasing energy efficiency in our operations

Operators climbing a set of stairs on board the Central Azeri Platform, Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan


We are working to minimize flaring in our operations

The 12 Pipestill at BP's Whiting Refinery outside of Chicago, US

Air quality

We seek to manage air quality issues to prevent impacts on local communities and ecosystems

Data analysis

HSE charting tool

HSE charting tool

Featured case studies

BP's Magnus production platform in the UK North Sea

Oil spill response work

Kanchana Weerakoon, founder and president of Eco-Friendly Volunteers

Conservation leaders