Case studies

Our 'safety' case studies highlight some of BP's environmental and social initiatives from around the world

Worldwide: Virtual reality prepares drilling teams for real-life challenges

Virtual reality is leading to real results as BP collaborates with Maersk Training to prepare our offshore drilling teams for challenges they face on the job.

Worldwide: Self-verification - there’s an app for that!

A BP-commissioned app loaded onto tablet computers is helping our global wells organization monitor and improve operating discipline, reducing safety incidents related to incorrect following of procedures.

Oman: Driving safely in Oman

A focused BP road safety campaign has had dramatic results.

UK: Simulating emergencies in Shetland

In Scotland we’re using virtual reality to help our emergency team get a better sense of the scenarios they may face.

Worldwide: Responding to infectious diseases

Using the latest information on outbreaks around the world, we aim to keep employees informed about diseases that could pose a serious risk to their health.

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