To BP, working responsibly includes seeking to have positive impacts on the communities in which we operate

Our progress in 2014

What we said we would do

  • Test the new socio-economic risk criteria for assessing the impacts of incidents on communities and workforces with our businesses
  • Update our framework for managing social investment
  • Deliver human rights workshops to priority businesses and functions

Where we are today

  • Tested the socio-economic risk criteria with several businesses including Australia, Brazil and the US
  • Enhanced our revised framework to include guidance on evaluating potential risks when making social investments
  • 270+ employees received human rights training

What we plan to do next

  • Incorporate the new socio-economic criteria into our standard risk methodology for assessing the impacts of incidents
  • Prepare for reporting taxes paid to governments, on a country and project basis, in line with new UK regulations
  • Continue to embed human rights due diligence into our supply chain processes

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