Case studies

Our 'energy challenge' case studies highlight some of BP's environmental and social initiatives from around the world

Worldwide: Collaborating to address climate change

Meeting the climate challenge requires efforts by all - governments, companies and consumers. Working together can accelerate action. Discover more about just 10 of the initiatives in which BP is participating.

Oman: Developing gas in Oman

We have designed Khazzan to be an inherently low-emission concept. Our central processing facility not only significantly reduces methane emissions, but is twice as efficient as a typical oil and gas field.

Abu Dhabi: The future of water and energy management

The BP-funded Foreseer technology is helping Abu Dhabi with sustainable water and energy management.

Worldwide: Researching new heavy oil recovery techniques

Scientists at a BP-sponsored laboratory are searching for breakthroughs that could make heavy oil recovery more efficient - and therefore less greenhouse gas intensive.