The energy future

Today's challenge is to manage and meet growing worldwide demand for secure, affordable energy while addressing climate change and other environmental and social issues

Our progress in 2013

What we said we would do Where we are today What we plan to do next
Assess long-term global and regional patterns of energy demand and supply Extended forecasts for world energy markets in BP Energy Outlook 2035
Help meet the growing energy demand through a diverse mix of fuels and technologies
Investigate the effects of natural resource scarcities on patterns of energy supply and consumption
15 universities took part in our Energy Sustainability Challenge programme Continue to engage with our stakeholders on climate change
Fulfil the commitment we made in 2005 to invest $8 billion in alternative energy by 2015 $8.3 billion invested in alternative energy since 2005, meeting our commitment two years ahead of schedule Further improve fuel efficiency through the use of our branded fuels and engine oils

In this section

Members of BP Board's safety, ethics and environment assurance commitee on their visit to Alberta in 2013

Oil sands

We are investing in the exploration and production of Canada's oil sands through a portfolio of high-quality assets

Operators in conversation

Deepwater oil and gas

How we are using technology to extract oil and gas resources from deepwater environments safely and efficiently

Inspecting parts of the energy cane crops at BP Biofuels Highlands, Florida USA

Alternative energy

We invest in alternative energies that complement our core skills as an oil and gas company

Sunset over oil pipes in Alaska

The Arctic

BP operates 13 onshore and nearshore oilfields in Alaska



Unconventional gas

Natural gas resources play an increasingly important role in supplying lower-carbon fuel for a growing energy demand

Technician experiments

Efficient heavy oil recovery techniques

Scientists are researching ways to make heavy oil recovery more efficient and less GHG intensive

Online tools and case studies

HSE charting tool

HSE charting tool


Our case studies highlight some of BP's environmental and social initiatives from around the world