The energy future

Today’s challenge is to manage and meet growing worldwide demand for energy while addressing climate change and other environmental and social issues

Our progress in 2014

What we said we would do

  • Help meet the growing energy demand through a diverse mix of fuels and technologies
  • Continue to engage with our stakeholders on climate change
  • Further improve fuel efficiency through the use of our branded fuels and engine oils

Where we are today

  • Completed the expansion of our ethanol production capacity at our Tropical facility, making it one of the largest mills in Brazil
  • World Bank carbon pricing statement endorsed
  • 15% reduction in friction through the use of new Castrol EDGE engine oil means improved fuel economy

What we plan to do next

  • Increase the proportion of natural gas in our production portfolio over the next decade
  • Work with our partners to enhance how we manage emissions at our oil sands facilities
  • Expand the use of technology to monitor conditions in our deepwater wells to more of our rigs worldwide

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