Our vision is that the communities in which we operate will benefit from our presence through the sustainable employment opportunities created, the skills developed and the investment of our financial and people resources. In return, we hope to gain a greater understanding and participate in the vibrant and diverse communities in which we operate as guests.

We understand that the landscape is changing and being proactive and progressive on issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders is key to protecting our future. More importantly, we are motivated by a desire to make a sustainable difference. 

As a significant corporate organisation in Australia, we are committed to one of the biggest issues facing Australia and we are focused on contributing to the solution, strengthening our business and closing the gap. In doing so, we hope to unveil the possibilities for individuals and communities to reach their full potential.

Reconciliation Action Plan

We have a strong and proud history of involvement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues for over a decade. Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) formalises some of the work we have been doing in this area and continues our commitment to Indigenous programs, leading to mutual advantage for us and the communities in which we operate. 

As a multinational organisation employing Australians, we want our RAP and overall approach to reconciliation to reflect the unique values of Australian society: that mates help mates out.
Our RAP activities focus on four areas: people, products, procurement, and partnerships and projects.


This area is focused on increasing the understanding between Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians and fostering the pathways to full economic participation through training, jobs and education.


The supply of safe and affordable energy solutions such as Opal is one of our focus areas as it provides an affordable and secure energy supply to remote communities.


Using our buying power, we're able to focus on supporting and fostering Indigenous enterprises.

Partnerships & projects

By focusing on partnerships and projects we can support our vision for Indigenous and local community progress.

Developing the RAP

To develop the RAP, we engaged with a number of local Aboriginal communities in areas where we operate and have existing relationships. In addition, we drew on the expertise of key Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders such as Marcia Langton and Alison Anderson with whom we have long-standing relationships.

A RAP advisory group consisting of cross-functional representatives, all passionate about the cause, was established. This group spanned all levels of the organisation provided input, guidance and feedback on the development of our RAP.

Opal fuel

In partnership with stakeholders, we developed Opal® fuel to help tackle petrol sniffing.

Opal is an unleaded fuel which is free from the compounds that give a high. It is the only such product available.

After consultation with 10 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Central Australia, Opal was introduced in 2005 into 37 remote communities in the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia.

Since its inception Opal has reduced the incidence of petrol sniffing by up to 94 per cent in affected communities. 

Opal plays an important role in our Reconciliation Action Plan.

Business Development Program

As part of the Indigenous Business Development Program, we support regional and community-based projects that contribute towards sustainable development without creating dependency.

This program gives Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders working in Indigenous-owned businesses the opportunity to build on their skills and knowledge to effectively and efficiently manage their operations. It also gives participants the skills to assist with securing commercial contracts.

Focusing on the developmental needs of each individual and their business, each participant receives tailored learning to maximise value.

Participants get to test their ideas and business proposals out on mentors from BP Australia in a safe and supportive environment. This one-on-one arrangement has proved highly successful in converting good intentions into winning commercial contracts within the mining sector.

In partnership with the mining industry the program was launched in 2009.

We are a major supplier to the mining industry and we acknowledge the key role we occupy in supporting communities where we operate in partnership with our customers. Building strong business activity in these regions is a key part of strengthening the community and we believe this program will achieve due to the unique buy-in of supplier, customer and community working together.


We have an ongoing commitment to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Australia. The artwork developed to represent our RAP represents our organisation and the close relationship we have with communities.

At the central point of the artwork is a symbol of the sun, a source of energy for all living things. From this central point the sun radiates outwards creating and enriching the landscape, bringing life and abundance to the land. Streams flow into rivers stretching out to the far reaches of the country transporting people establishing trade routes providing natural nutrients to the land.

The sun represents our brand, which incorporates a symbol of Helios the sun god of ancient Greece. Rivers of energy flow from the central point which represent both upstream and downstream programs that we are involved in. These include supporting and providing products to individuals, small businesses, communities and large corporations across Australia and overseas.

We understand and support customers', clients' and communities' needs. The outer concentric circles represent our continuous supporting roles and projects in which we work together with Indigenous communities throughout the country. This enables individuals, communities and us to grow with a knowledge and understanding of one another. The connecting lines represent the pathways from the corporate business environment to the grass-roots community environment and how both parties are working together towards reconciliation and a better future.

The connecting structure of these outer lines and circles allude to a hexagonal shape which is symbolic of Opal fuel. We are involved in a variety of projects within Indigenous communities nationwide and the circles represent current and future projects  building better relationships and working together.