BP PLUS Bunker

Run a truck or bus fleet? Tap into a national network of bunker sites, handy fleet management tools and excellent driver benefits.

Maximum convenience for your drivers

Over 500 bunker sites in strategic motorway and A road locations

Total control of fuel costs for you

From competitively-priced fuel to real-time management tools
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Welcome to the BP PLUS Bunker Fuel Card

If you want a card that’s tailor-made for larger vehicles – like trucks, HGVs and buses – offering an outstanding bunker network and all kinds of ways to help you drive down and control costs, take a look at BP PLUS Bunker.

Over 1,200 sites – including more than 500 bunker sites

To reduce dead mileage, we offer a large national network that includes over 500 specially-designed bunker sites, featuring high-speed pumps, wide lanes and extra-high canopies. Even better, most bunker sites are on motorways and A roads, minimising the need for costly detours.

Take total control of fuel costs

You’ll pay a competitive fixed weekly price at bunker sites. And you’ll know exactly what your drivers are spending, as you’ll have real-time management tools. View transactions by vehicle, create fuel reports, order new cards and more – all from the comfort of your desktop.

Is BP PLUS Bunker right for my fleet?

BP PLUS Bunker is extremely flexible, so it suits all kinds of fleets. As a cost-effective alternative to running your own bunker network, it’s ideal for companies of any size that use trucks and/or buses. 

Reasons to choose BP PLUS Bunker

  • Tailor each card to the vehicle and driver, and set individual purchase parameters (diesel, all fuels, vehicle-related products and/or any shop goods and services)
  • Advanced security features, including PINs for enhanced security
  • E-billing – every invoice is sent direct to you via email
  • Simple payment terms to help with cash flow (subject to credit status)
  • HMRC-approved weekly invoices for hassle-free VAT claims
  • Fill up at 18,000 stations across Europe via the ROUTEX network
  • Quality fuel to keep your vehicles on the move
  • No transaction fees