Wild Bean Cafe

The Wild Bean Cafe is where drivers go to get refreshed, refuelled and ready to hit the road again. Pull in, have a breather and grab a real coffee. Choose from our great food range, be it breakfast, lunch or that all-important afternoon snack – we’ll have you back at your best and eating up the miles in minutes.

Food offers

If you want great coffee and tasty food on the road, you’ve come to the right place. Our coffee’s made with proper, freshly-ground beans - we can hit you with a smooth latte in seconds or whip you up a real cappuccino in a flash.

Whether you need breakfast, lunch or a decent pick-me-up, you can choose between flavour-packed wraps and rolls, hot pasties or paninis.

Great grub, when you need it most – on the road. You won’t find any greasy burgers, limp sarnies or watery instant coffee on offer. Just great, straightforward stuff you’ll really enjoy.


Welcome to the invigoration station: espresso, latte, cappuccino or mocha – we’ve got the lot and all of them are made with real beans and real skill. Pull in when you need caffeine kick to start your day or break up your journey. We’ve also got regular tea and refreshing green tea.

Hot Breakfast

Being behind the wheel is no reason to go hungry 'til lunch – rise and shine and feast on our breakfasts of champions. Choose from our all-day breakfast stone baked roll, beechwood smoked bacon bap or sausage bap. All British and great quality.

Choose from:

  • All-day breakfast baguette
  • Bacon baguette
  • Bacon and cheese muffin
  • Sausage muffin
  • Scrambled egg and cheese muffin
  • Porridge

Hot Lunch

Panini, Flatbreads and toasties
The perfect mix of melt and crunch: our toasties and paninis can be ready in moments. No mess, no fuss. Sorted.


  • Italian Mozzarella and pepperoni
  • British Steak Melt
  • Meatball Meilt
  • Tuna Melt


  • Wiltshire Ham and Somerset Cheddar
  • Somerset Cheddar and Red Onion
  • Cheese and Onion

Savoury Snacks

Chow down on a tasty pasty or savoury sausage roll or slice. It’ll sort you out on a cold day – or any time you want to warm up on the inside.

Sweet Treats

Elevenses anyone? Let’s be honest, we all need a bit of sweetness in our lives and if you’ve got a long drive ahead, you really don’t want to encounter a serious energy-dip. 
  • Handmade Rocky Road
  • Danishes and Pastries
  • Muffins
  • Large Jam Doughnuts

More About Wild Bean Cafe

Wild Bean Cafe is the driver’s choice. Stop in for a quick coffee, grab a bite and revive yourself before continuing your journey. All our food is freshly made and there’s loads of variety – making every pitstop a surefire success. It’s all good, honest stuff – no frills, no faff, no fluff.

Our coffee is 100% sustainable

Some roadside coffee can leave a bitter taste in your mouth – ours never will. All of our coffee – and we’re talking every single last bean – is sustainably and ethically grown. Our beans are all Fairtrade certified – 100% sustainably sourced, meaning you can take a reviving pitstop with a clear conscience.

Our farmers are guaranteed a fair price for their crop, and the coffee we sell protects the growers and their fields. That means pickers and their families get support with things like education, health and housing – all that good stuff. Isn’t that refreshing?

The Wild Bean Cafe Story

Wild Bean Cafe is for drivers – everything we do has the driver in mind. Whether your journey’s been hit by tailbacks, tormented teens or tiny tantrums – we’ve got you covered. Steam in for a proper coffee and grab a bite to eat – you deserve it!

Our coffee will keep you going on a long journey. It’s made using proper beans – and the price is right, too.
Peckish? Tuck into the range of hot and cold pastries, snacks, fresh sandwiches, wraps, rolls, paninis, and flatbreads. They’re perfect if you’re on the go and our hot food is never on the shelf for more than four hours (no one wants a limp sausage roll!)

Drive-through food doesn’t have to be drive-through quality. Pull in and check us out – drivers on four continents know and love our cafes.