Natural Gas

When you need to secure the most reliable energy supply, BP is the answer. You'll find our reserves of natural gas, LNG resources, storage and transportation capabilities up to the task. You'll get purchasing strategies that let you meet the demands flexibly. You'll get additional ideas, information, and advice on industry and risk management tools that will make planning easier. 

We are committing significant capital to bring new gas sources to North American markets from the deepwater Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. BP is also taking a leading role in the worldwide growth of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), and bringing it to North American markets. We're turning LNG into a flexible and competitive opportunity for our customers. 

To get you the natural gas you require, we manage inventories and multiple-field storage sites, analyze load profiles and capacity utilization. Through our transportation resources, we dispatch supplies, manage imbalances, cash-outs, and transport contracts, and oversee daily delivery activities from the gas field or storage facility right through to the point of use. 

BP wants to help you optimize your business. BP wants to help you optimize your business. You can build a long-term relationship with us that will give you the best ways to optimize your energy assets and maximize your efficiencies. 

Because BP is an integrated energy company, we understand the full range of complexities and risks involved with the production, delivery, acquisition, and use of natural gas. We can help you identify the right physical and financial management tools to get the job done with the highest level of integrity. 

You get the continuous improvements and increasing business effectiveness you're looking for, from the energy company that has maintained superior resources - and a superior reputation.