Juniper is due to start up this quarter!

The project includes the construction of a normally unmanned platform, together with corresponding subsea infrastructure. The Juniper facility will produce gas from the Corallita and Lantana fields located 50 miles off the south-east coast of Trinidad, in water depth of approximately 360 feet.
The development is expected to include five subsea wells and to have a production capacity of approximately 590 million standard cubic feet per day. Gas from Juniper will flow to the Mahogany B hub via a new six mile flowline.

Juniper is BPTT’s 14th offshore installation. The project has provided upwards of 750 jobs (at peak) at the fabrication yard, with up to 95% of the workforce at TOFCO being T&T nationals and more than half (55%) from the surrounding La Brea community.

BP has invested circa US$2 billion on the Juniper project. BP has been the largest contributor to natural gas production in Trinidad for over 50 years and is the country’s single largest contributor to GDP. In 2017, the production from Juniper will represent 14% of T&T’s gas production.


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Peak annual average production

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