BP supports about 23,000 jobs across the Chicago region, from the company’s Whiting Refinery, in northwest Indiana, to the Loop and out west to Naperville. 

As BP’s North American Downstream headquarters, the Chicago area is home to the company’s third-largest employee base globally. Many of those jobs are part of Fuels North America, one of BP’s three regional fuels businesses around the world. Through refining, supply acquisition, pipeline, logistics, sales and marketing activities, BP’s 2,000 Illinois employees help ensure that gas stations across the country are supplied with the fuel on which millions of drivers depend. 

BP has significant operations in Illinois, including a trading floor in downtown Chicago, where it buys and sells crude oil and other products. 

About 30 miles west of Chicago, BP’s Naperville campus is home to the company’s North American Downstream functions and technology businesses. Technology plays a big role in helping BP ensure the safety and reliability of its refineries and chemical plants, and it also helps the company create highquality, energy-efficient fuels and lubricants. The BP campus in Naperville serves as the company’s U.S. technology hub for these operations and products. 

Headquartered in Chicago, the U.S. Pipelines and Logistics business (USPL) functions as the transportation and delivery hub for BP businesses and third parties across America, ensuring that energy resources reach their destination safely. Every day, USPL manages nearly 4,000 miles of pipelines carrying 1.3 million barrels of crude oil, natural gas liquids and refined products. 

Other BP businesses with operations in the Chicago area include Air BP Americas, which provides jet fuel to airports such as O’Hare International, and Global Business Services Americas, which provides the company with support on financial, customer, procurement, human resources, tax and other issues. About 117 acres of BP’s Naperville campus — two-thirds of the total — are available as habitat for wildlife, such as deer, pheasants and bluebirds.
* Vendor figures for the year ended December 31, 2015. BP jobs figures as of June 30, 2016.

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