Facts and figures

Number of staff, production capacities and other key figures about BP in Geel

Number of staff (figures end of 2015)

At the end of 2015 BP in Geel numbered 393 employees (*): 203 hourly paid employees and and 190 office workers.
BP in Geel counted 43 female employees.

(*) Not including employees who are chronically ill and people working abroad.

Production capacities (figures end of 2015)

PTA (purified terephthalic acid):
1,400,000 tonnes per year
PX (paraxylene):
610,000 tonnes per year
Total capacity:
2,010,000 tonnes per year

Water intake canal

8,255,009 m3

Investments, Health, Safety, Security and the Environment (figures end of 2015)

2,110,000 euro
The environment:
650,000 euro
Health and security:
457,000 euro

Capital (figures end of year)

232,150,518.00 euro

Fixed assets (figures end of year)

1.438.007.878,26 euro

Investments (figures end of year)

41.284.458,58 euro

Annual turnover (figures end of year)

188.355.740,00 euro