Benzene - prevention

A sample of measures taken by BP to prevent maximally benzene leaks

  • In case of pressure build-up, venting to the flare is possible where benzene will be burnt safely.
  • Equipment such as vessels and pumps are cleaned via a closed draining system to make sure that the organic components are channelled through conduits into one big closed container. The gasses of this container are flared off and thus not released into the atmosphere.
  • Pumps are equipped with double seals. In case of a failing first seal, the second provides adequate containment ensuring that the pump can be taken out of service safely.
  • Moving valves have special spindle seals.
  • The benzene storage tank is equipped with an inside floating roof, a flat cover with sealing rings all around. This limits the space between fluid and remaining volume of the tank thereby suppressing evaporation.
  • Gasses given off whilst loading are transferred to a unit where they are decomposed into CO2 by incineration.
  • Finally, strict procedures are in place for every task, including stringent compliance monitoring.