Local community

The local community is a very important stakeholder for BP in Geel.

Geel, Laakdal en Meerhout

The local community is spread over the three municipalities: Geel, Laakdal and Meerhout, more specifically, the boroughs of Oosterlo, Punt, Stelen, Winkelomheide, Zammel (Geel), Eindhout, Groot-Vorst (Laakdal) and Zittaart (Meerhout). Just like the corner shop and of course the inhabitants themselves, BP is part of the local community. Because of its size and impact on the vicinity, the company has specific obligations to fulfil, both legal and self-imposed. 


Communicating extensively is one such self-imposed obligation. As well as personal contact, BP uses a whole range of communications channels, including a free phone, regular meetings, open houses, site visits and publications. BP in Geel runs a number of programmes which allow the company to be involved in educational and social initiatives of the local community. 

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