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Ad hoc 24

What is Ad hoc 24?
Do you need price quotes for unscheduled flights? Looking for an easy way to request and manage fuel releases?
Introducing Ad hoc 24 - location prices and fuel releases in an instant.

Three main benefits


Get a price quote for hundreds of our most popular locations in seconds. Input key flight details and have a confirmed fuel release in minutes.


Easy to use

Access any time, day or night, on laptop or tablet using your individual log on. Follow simple steps to view your price and complete your purchase.


Peace of mind

View transparent and competitive prices complete with fees and taxes information.
Confirming a fuel release ensures the airport team are expecting you.

Watch our short videos to find out more


Answers to your frequently asked questions

Getting access to Ad hoc 24

How do I register for Ad hoc 24?
Visit airbp.com/adhoc24register to register. You will need your 7-digit Air bp account number. Contact your account manager if you need any help.
How do I log on to Ad hoc 24?
  • Check the Ad hoc 24 emails you have received from us.  This will take you through the steps needed to log on.
  • If you have previously used Ad hoc 24 or myinvoice, then you can log on to Ad hoc 24 (airbp.com/adhoc24) using your existing username and password. If you’ve forgotten your password you reset it there. See more in this video.
  • If you have not previously used Ad hoc 24 or myinvoice, then you will receive two emails after your registration is processed. One email contains your username, the second contains your temporary password. You will need reset this temporary password and create a new one by following the ‘Update password’ link in the temporary password email. Once you have set up this new password, go to airbp.com/adhoc24 and log on using your username and new password. See more in this video.
What do I do if I forget my password?
If you have forgotten your password, don’t worry. You can easily reset this on the Ad hoc 24 log on page – airbp.com/adhoc24. Enter your username and click continue. On the next page there is an option for ‘Reset/forgot password’. You will be asked your security questions before you can choose your new password. Once this is reset, you will need to log on again with your new password. If you are not on a shared computer, tick the ‘Remember me’ box and your username and password will be remembered for next time. Don’t forget that if you use myinvoice you will need to use this new password to log on there, too.
Why is airbp.com/adhoc24 not displaying properly?
Ad hoc 24 is optimised for Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers. If you are using a different browser, this may be the reason that you are struggling to access the site. Try one of these browsers to see if it makes a difference. If not, please contact our 24/7 support team at airbpoutofhours@bp.com or your account manager for assistance.
Can I use Ad hoc 24 on my mobile phone?
Currently, Ad hoc 24 is optimised for computer/laptop and tablet use due to the screen size. We are in the process of developing a mobile version, and we will let you know when this is available.
I have a colleague that would like to use Ad hoc 24. How can they access it?
If there is someone else in your business who would benefit from access to Ad hoc 24, they can visit airbp.com/adhoc24register to register. They will need the 7-digit Air bp account number for the business.  Contact your account manager if you need any help.

Getting a price quote

Why is the location where I want ad hoc fuel is not showing up in the search?
Ad hoc 24 shows hundreds of our most popular locations around the world, so some locations are not yet included. If the location you are looking for does not appear, please contact your account manager who can arrange fuel for that location.
How do I change the currency or unit of measure shown on the tool?
Currency and unit of measure can both be changed. Just go to ‘My account’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen, change your preferences and click save.
I already have a contract at a location, but I want to get a fuel release. Will I get my contracted price if I use this tool to generate the fuel release?
Yes, if you already have a contract at a location, then your contracted price will be used for any ad hoc fuel requests made during the duration of the contract.
What costs are shown in Ad hoc 24?
A full financial breakdown is shown for complete peace of mind. This includes the fuel pricing basis and the differential. Separately you can see details of any fees, duties and taxes that may be applicable.

Creating a fuel release

A price quote has been generated but I don’t want to create a fuel release at the moment. Can I save the quote?
You can save the details of your ad hoc offer by downloading it as a PDF (in the bottom left hand corner of the screen). Note that you may not be guaranteed the same price if you wish to fuel with the same details in the future as prices are variable.
I am not 100% sure whether I will need ad hoc refuelling. Can I still check prices?
Yes, you can follow the same steps as you would if you had a confirmed flight. When you exit, be sure to tell us that you were looking for a prospective flight only.
How do I create a fuel release?
After you select your airport and accept the price quote, a fuel release form is automatically generated. You just need to input some key details.
What information do I need to provide when I create the fuel release?
The fuel release completion stage is simple and easy to follow – we recommend viewing our helpful ‘how to’ video on creating a fuel release. The information that is required is your next destination, your ETA and ETD, your refuelling date and time, your aircraft registration, and the volume of fuel required. If you do not yet know the exact aircraft that you will be fuelling, just include the registration for any aircraft in your fleet.
How can I contact the airport?
Fuelling and location details are provided once a price quote is generated. Click the dropdown arrow on ‘Fuelling and location details’. You will find contact details and opening hours – once you create a fuel release, the airport will be expecting you.
Can I complete an ad hoc fuel request if my plane is already at the airport?
Yes, you can. When you are creating the fuel release, you can select a past date so you can select the date that the aircraft arrived at the airport where the refuelling will take place.
Can I choose the exact time that I want the refuelling to take place?
When you create the fuel release there is an option to specify a refuelling date and time. This will be accommodated where possible but please not that this request is not guaranteed.
I need to give some additional details to the fuelling team. How can I do this?
At the bottom of the fuel release page there is a box for additional details where information not covered by the form, such as possible deviations from timings, can be noted and will be shared with the fuelling team at the airport.
What happens after I complete the details on the fuel release?
The details you have inputted will go to our 24/7 support team, who will then send you your fuel release form.
How can I share the fuel release details with others?
Just before you create the fuel release, at the bottom of the page there is an option to add some email addresses. These addresses will be in copy with the support team send you your fuel release.

Managing your fuel release

I started to create a fuel release, but I am no longer interested. How do I get out of this?
There is an option at the bottom of the page to cancel at any time. If you do choose to cancel, please let us know the reason why, as we are continuously trying to improve the tool for our users.
Where can I find my fuel release after completing it?
Once created, the fuel release is sent to the relevant ground team and you will receive confirmation within 15 mins. The fuel release can be found on the Ad hoc 24 homepage in ‘Current fuel releases’, just under the locations search bar – it may take a few minutes to appear.
Can I make changes to my fuel release after it is created?
Yes you can. Your fuel release will appear in ‘Current fuel releases’ on the Ad hoc 24 home page. To the top right-hand side of each fuel release, you will see a small green down arrow. If you click on this, there is an option to edit your fuel release and if you click on this you can change the information you submitted previously. Remember to save your changes!
What happens if I create a fuel release but my plans change and I no longer need to fuel?
We appreciate that plans can change. If you no longer require your fuel release, please go to ‘Current fuel releases’ on the Ad hoc 24 home page. To the top right-hand side of each fuel release, you will see a small green down arrow. If you click on this you will have an option to either edit the fuel release or cancel it. Please cancel it if you do not plan to refuel.