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Airfield Automation

Misfuelling is one of the biggest risks facing the industry today with possible catastrophic consequences for overwing fuelled aircraft
Operator using Airfield Automation on a tablet

Air bp’s Airfield Automation technology is the first commercially deployable system in the world to provide a real engineering barrier to prevent this from happening. 

Launched in May 2018, it works via a ‘safe2go’ app on a handheld device in fuelling vehicles. Fuelling data is consolidated on a digital platform with volume readings and grade checks captured for additional barriers to prevent misfuelling. Customer details are then confirmed with an electronic signature from the pilot or airline representative. 

The platform reinforces our ambition to be a leader in digital fuelling technology. Aside from the enhanced safety barriers, aircraft operators benefit from faster, more comprehensive and more accurate fuelling and delivery data. The cloud-based technology offers increasingly integrated information to customers, such as delivery records and precise delivery timings.