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Are you up to speed on our fuelling fees?

Release date:
December 2020
Effective 1 January 2021 we are introducing new fees and standardising the application of others in locations across the UK, France, Benelux, Nordics and Continental Europe. Whether it’s for minimum uplift, overwing or out of hours fuelling our revised fee structure supports our general and business aviation operations.


It’s worth noting that our fuelling fees do not apply when you use our self-serve facilities.


Discretionary fees apply where operations are outside normal working hours (Out of Hours) and/ or may incur charges such as ‘Overtime' when outside standard hours of operation.


What you need to know


  • Hook-up fees are on average €10.00 or the equivalent in the local currency. Fees may vary according to each airport.
  • The Minimum uplift threshold is 200 litres for JetA-1 and 60 litres for Avgas where delivered into-plane.
  • The Minimum uplift fees are €30.00 for Jet A-1 and €25.00 for Avgas, where minimum threshold is not met.
  • Self-serve/automats are exempt from fees such as the hook-up and minimum uplift fees. This enables us to more accurately reflect the cost of serve reduction where self-serve/ automats are in place.
  • Overtime fees are chargeable in increments of 30 minutes. A transaction which is 30 mins and below is therefore invoiced at half the ‘per hour’ fee (where this service is offered).


Please note that fees vary depending on the relevant airport operating model. Some fees are third party driven. Fees are not applicable at all airports.


Please click here to view airports where changes have been made.

Please click here to view self-serve locations.


Any queries or feedback on our fuelling fees should be sent to wecare@bp.com