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Low carbon

Today, the world faces a dual energy challenge… the need for more energy with fewer greenhouse gas emissions

There is no single solution to achieve net zero.

At Air bp we’re not just in the business of fuelling. We’re in the business of sustainable action. Because when over eight billion people set out to travel by plane by 2050, we need to be ready to support our customers in a way that doesn’t put extra pressure on our planet.
And we’ve already started the work. For over a decade we’ve been committed to investing in and developing sustainable aviation fuel; we’ve created the world’s first commercial supply of sustainable aviation fuel through an airport hydrant system; we are the first aviation fuel provider to turn all of our operated sites globally carbon neutral; and supported customers with both compliance and voluntary carbon offsets.
Every day, we work to reduce the carbon emissions from flying. We still have a long way to go. But we’re on our way.