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Carbon neutral operations

As an industry leader in sustainable aviation, we have been actively investing to reduce our carbon footprint for over a decade.

We’ve found innovative ways to reduce our own emissions from the vehicles we use and the technology we invest in, to the way we run our operations. Which is why in 2016 we became the first aviation fuel provider to become carbon neutral globally across our operated sites.


And we’re not stopping there. We’ve got a 10 year carbon reduction plan to be even better. 


Using this expertise we can also support you to reduce your carbon footprint in many aspects of your operations: refuelling operations, waste reduction, new vehicle technology and improving infrastructure.

Air bp operator standing under an aircraft

View the letters and statements in relation to our carbon neutral certification:

How Air bp's operations became carbon neutral


Find out more details from Gigi Yuen on how Air bp's operations became carbon neutral.
How Air bp's operations became carbon neutral