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Industry leading carbon trading and offsetting programmes

Whether you’re considering a voluntary carbon offsetting approach or offsetting for regulatory compliance, bp can support you. 


Most activities have a carbon footprint, even if efforts to reduce and replace have decreased carbon emissions. Carbon offsetting is used to compensate for these emissions by funding an equivalent amount of emissions savings elsewhere.

bp offers compliance offsetting through our trading organisation and voluntary offsetting through 
bp Target Neutral, bp’s carbon offsetting programme. bp Target Neutral’s high-quality carbon offsetting projects around the globe create real benefits for local communities from forest protection to biogas initiatives. In 2019, bp Target Neutral offset over one million tonnes of carbon.

A young family gather round a newly installed ONIL cookstove from the ONIL cookstoves project, Mexico
Air bp carbon offsetting

What is Carbon Offsetting? And what you should know.


Samantha Webb, Air bp’s low carbon global offer development manager, on the role carbon offsetting can play in achieving a low carbon future.
Samantha Webb