Air BP's operations at 250 sites achieve carbon neutrality

We have become the first aviation fuel supplier to achieve carbon neutrality for our into-plane fuelling services across an international network of over 250 Air BP operated facilities. The achievement follows a two-year journey, and was assured by the independent sustainability specialist company, ERM CVS Ltd.

Achieving carbon neutrality involves quantifying greenhouse gas emissions at Air BP operated locations from the point at which fuel is delivered to onsite airport storage facilities, to the sale of fuel ‘at the aircraft wing tip’. Carbon credits were purchased, with the support of BP Target Neutral, which invests in low carbon development projects around the world, to offset the emissions.

We have made a 10-year commitment to retaining the accreditation through adhering to a carbon reduction plan. The plan targets a five percent reduction in carbon emissions using a number of initiatives. These include driving efficiency in technologies such as start/stop technology on vehicles; improving operational efficiency of waste management and stock management; maximising the options for supplying biofuel; and introducing initiatives on which to develop a lower carbon future. Any residual emissions, following these reductions, will be offset through BP Target Neutral.  

We are also helping our customers achieve their carbon reduction goals through our Environmental Solutions offer. The offer involves the provision of technical capabilities and knowledge to help our customers achieve their carbon goals through a ‘reduce, replace and neutralise’ management approach.